ANDREW KELLY is a licensed builder and Principle Partner of 10/23 Construction. It was his vision and desire to create a company that would merge his core ethical values of integrity, quality and superior craftsmanship.


Andrew is a long-time member of the Atlanta Homebuilder’s Association and has been awarded their highest honors in homebuilding. As a graduate of The College of Charleston’s Business School, his love and appreciation of historical architecture paired with a great respect for creative and mindful building confirmed his desire to make construction his life’s career. His scope of work has covered land development, custom luxury residential construction, speculative residential construction, historical renovation and commercial construction.


AMY KELLY serves as partner of 10/23 Construction and focuses her efforts on business development, strategy and management. Amy earned a degree in finance from The University of Georgia’s Terry College of Business. Amy grew up in the world of construction and brings great interest and perspective of the industry. Her unique business and design skill set has allowed 10/23 Construction to grow into a cutting edge design/build firm.


Andrew and Amy carefully oversee a team of professionals to ensure that no detail is missed, and more importantly that every detail is given the attention it demands.



We believe that a home is more than simply the sum of its parts. There are intangibles that elevate a simple structure and its land into something truly special, and it is these intangibles that fuel our passion: thoughtful planning; an authentic sense of place; a recognition of both history and heritage; a tradition of neighborhood; a responsibility to the future.


We begin first with the land, working collaboratively with our architects to determine the best possible usage for the environment. We do so by paying careful attention to everything from the lie of the land to the existing foliage to the vernacular of the surrounding neighborhoods. Each home is a piece of a much larger puzzle, and we work hard to ensure that our neighborhoods work together as a whole.


We build all of our homes with the latest products and techniques to produce green, energy-efficient, Earth Craft homes. This is not only out of a sense of responsibility to our environment; we also do so because a well built, sustainable home ensures a sellable product that lasts. We’ve done everything possible to make sure that we aren’t just building a house, but a functioning and beautiful part of a community for years to come.